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You’ll Change From “Novice to Expert” With This 173 Web Site Design Course

To illustrate how this WordPress web site design course program is the ticket to mastering WordPress’s intricacies. You should consider that you need to do more than simply read random articles or blog posts. (But that shows your interest and need) To learn WordPress’s many details will require that you use an accessible collection of to the point tutorials. This video library will teach each aspect of WordPress that will be clear to the novice and an easy refresher for the expert.

Structured and Specific to Each WordPress Categorized Topic

Members will find 173 WordPress web site design videos found in 12 module categories that are designed to teach each topics category with clearly titled videos. From the first 16 primer/introduction videos in module 01 to learning how to generate web traffic in module 12. We have specifically chosen to cover all the bases. 173 videos in 12 categorized sections. No searching needed just find what you need in the easy to use video library.

For the purpose of illustrating the ease of finding individual tutorials I have included the drop-down menu above to go to each module to see each title in that section. Furthermore play the sample videos to see how clear and informative the instructor is! WordPress web site design truly has never been as detailed as they are in this course.




As WordPress evolves updating is a requirement. Rest assured that we update our tutorials after each major release ASAP.

First module, contains 16 videos these introduce you to WordPress.

Next our second module contains 16 videos that are devoted to teaching you about WordPress Security. That is to say “don’t get hacked”! For instance, pay attention and implement this one during setup for ease. Or follow instructions for your existing installations. This is teaching you good web site design that will save you from malicious hackers.

This third module consists of 15 videos that deal with creating your content in WordPress. For instance, Page or post, categories, tags, post & page manager, post formats, media library, the visual editor, hyperlinks, plugins, custom menus, widgets, themes, etc.

Further our fourth module contains 14 videos that deals with setting up a Local Host. To explain, did you know you can set up your WordPress website on your computer before you put it online with your website host? Specifically, this shows you how to test your web site design before you go live.

Next Module 5 contains 13 videos, this section covers why speed is important for WordPress. For example it covers the steps to take so that your website works faster than the average website of any kind. (On account of Google rewards a speedy web site design and your visitors stay longer).

This 6th module contains 16 videos and deals with an important topic which is SEO for WordPress. Specifically it explains “Search Engine Optimization” that enables the user to optimize your pages and posts web copy so that the search engines will send you free traffic. Furthermore these videos go over the available plugins, settings, XML sitemap, meta, tools, social settings and also keywords & LSI. All part of a good web site design.

This Web Site Design WordPress Video Course is just one part of our “Webmaster’s Total Online, Course”.

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Next Module 7 consists of 14 videos that each deals with WordPress theme customization. In short, creating a child theme, before you start, shortcodes, many visual hacks,  etc.

In this 8th module it contains 13 videos that teach you how to set up a WordPress forum. First from what a forum is to setting different ones up to securing it from spam. A forum for example is a good thing to set up so your visitors and meet. A resource to find help and share their interest in the niche that brought them to your site.

In addition Module 9 contains 11 videos that teach you all about WordPress plugins. Plugins add even more functionality to this great platform. Imagine thousands of developers developing solutions to extend and enhance WordPress. Everyone that is apart of the WordPress community gives these tools away for free. Your only qualification being “I need that function or I want to try it”. For example just think of a function you want for your web site design. There is probably a WP plugin for what ever you need. And furthermore it is FREE! In this WordPress video course I recommend the free tools and software that work as good as expensive solutions.

And now Module 10 has 15 videos that teach you all about WordPress multi-site setup. What is it and why you might need it. How to enable then activate it, clean up after, create and manage your sites, users, manage plugins, themes and update networks.

eCommerce and Web Site Traffic One Doesn’t Work Without The Other

Additionally Module 11 contains 17 videos that are devoted to teaching you about WordPress eCommerce site setup. That is to say owning a property on the web is not so comfortable unless it is making money for you. You will be able to set your WP up to install the free Woocommerce  shopping cart. add a free PayPal account to process payments to begin your online venture. Step by step instructions to adding your products and your on your way to becoming a Woocommerce expert!

Finally module number 12 teaches you how to generate web traffic in 12 different videos. You need traffic to succeed online! This entire section is a video treasure that will excite you when you understand exactly what you need to do to succeed. Honestly between this and the many additional traffic and social guides we have in our members area means all you have to do put in the effort because you will have the knowledge. You will learn that exelent free traffic comes with a good web site design.

Our WordPress Video Course is Complete in Itself. I Added Many Guides That I Know You Will Need. Making This is An All In One Course

Read over the WordPress Video Course module menus go to the topics and watch the sample videos. This will be enough to convince you that this is the “Learn to do Anything You Want Online, Course”

In the meantime at some point you will start dreaming of what your future can be like. Nonetheless dreams are just that, but it is a starting point for the capable individual.

What you need to ask yourself is “Will I work at this if I know how to do It?” or “I know myself and I am too lazy to follow my dreams”

Don’t waste your time and money if you can’t use the knowledge.  To put it another way, know thyself, can you follow thru? If so this dream is monetarily accessible now for anyone!

That is on purpose compared to other courses that I paid for ranged from $800 to over $2,000. And if you are like me following a system and this type of work is fun and I even consider it more of a hobby the a necessity. Once I start working time devolves and all I do is let my creative side take over and I don’t even think about looking at the clock but when I do it is usually hit me, “Wow five hours, seems more like one”

So the sooner you start using our membership the sooner the fun begins!

I put this course together because after 19 years of working online. I know what would make a capable dreamer find an extensive but affordable option. Your search should stop here! At least try it you’ll have 30 days to get your small fee back if you decide not follow this opportunity.

Have You Ever Tried Searching the Internet for a Quality WordPress Tutorial Course?

Then chances are that you never have found any other WordPress Web Site Design Video Course that is able to teach you faster and with greater precision. There is also no sense in wasting time reading boring technical books or using YouTube videos to teach you about WordPress like these tutorials will. Our compilation of 173 videos touches on every topic in detail and teaches you how to create as well as manage your sites. Not to mention all the additional courses in our membership that complete your education!

I have designed these tutorials to teach you how find the best and avoid the worst hosting companies. WordPress just works better on certain optimized hosting platforms. Some of the more popular names in web hosting are not the ones to use! We show you why and you will be surprised!

The good news is that this collection of 173 WordPress Video Course is a collection complete with transcripts. They will show you how to fine-tune your website/blog and are in clear America English.

If you are looking to get started with WordPress the most popular website/blog platform. Then make sure that you check out our collection of 173 videos that are designed to provide you with expert tips. Each video is a step by step tutorial. They touch upon little known configurations that even many pros that have used WordPress for years don’t know about. These videos will simplify the art and science of website and blog creation. They will set you apart from the average and even many advanced users!

Security, functionality and speed will be your end result! Nothing like having the best especially when you have built it yourself, right?

I have chosen and included many other courses that every webmaster needs to know how to use. Look in the top menu for our main WordPress video course and sample these an the other course videos. Or click a box or eBook image to an overview of what awaits you in this one of a kind membership. Use the additional content drop-down for categories and the “New” link in the menu.

This is a complete webmasters training membership. It will become your one go to place to find your do it yourself solutions for webmaster tools and business development.

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This WordPress Web Design Video Course is just one part of our “WordPress/Webmaster Online Course”

Don’t Work at Home Without it!

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