FTP Course

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP Module Videos 1 – 14

Video 01

Organization Tips

Running Time: 8:41

Video 02

What Is FTP

Running Time: 4:57

Video 03

Getting A Domain

Running Time: 6:54

Video 04

Getting Web Hosting

Running Time: 6:56

Video 05

Installing FileZilla

Running Time: 4:14

Video 06

Changing Name Servers

Running Time: 7:28

Video 07

Your FTP Login Info

Running Time: 3:47

Video 08

Connecting FileZilla To Server

Running Time: 5:43

Video 09

Secure Connection To Server

Running Time: 2:25

Video 10

Transferring Files

Running Time: 5:53

Video 11

Editing Live Files

Running Time: 3:40

Video 12

Resume Broken File Transfers

Running Time: 3:35

Video 13

Export & Importing FileZilla Settings

Running Time: 2:41

Video 14

Force FileZilla To Show Hidden Files

Running Time: 2:07



What is FTP?  Well, FTP is short for file transfer protocol.

Look at it like this, FTP is like a bridge between your computer and your website on the internet.  Now, on one side of that bridge is the server where your website is, the other end of that bridge is your computer or what’s also called the client side of that bridge.