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Welcome! This is Rolexon’s Free Member’s Area

Here you will find a sample of what our main membership is but limited to one course on “PayPal Solutions” and learn step by step about using PayPal to process your website payments.

Also free members can download our 21,000 word guide on “Blogging for Profit” that is a very well written and informative guide that teaches you how to properly run a blog. How to avoid troublesome web hosting services and a list of the best quality hosting services that years of research have proven their unique qualities.

The last video is a preview of our main members area where you will learn WordPress, cPanel, FTP (file transfer protocol) and have the resources to setup and run a business WordPress site with or without the main purpose for running a blog. Over  xx% of all the websites on the Internet are run by the WordPress platform. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS).

Our Main Membership

257+ Online video training in

WordPress – cPanel – FTP – s3 Amazon – Google Analytics – Email Marketing

With additional training in: Content Writing, Blogging, Marketing, Search Engines, SEO, Social Marketing,

Website Traffic, Audio, Video, Business Development, Affiliate Marketing, Outsourcing, Entrepreneurship, Finding Your Niche