Online Business Courses in WordPress – Amazon s3 – FTP – cPanel – Google Analytics

Online Business Courses? Then You Must Learn “How To Master The Internet Yourself”

You can make your dreams (as many that you have) come true the way you want to! Freedom from the mandatory 9-5 job, commuting to work and having a boss! WordPress can be your dream weaver tool. This online business courses membership intricately teaches WordPress and the many other tools needed for creating an online marketing work from home business, includes Courses in WordPress – Amazon s3 – FTP – cPanel – Google Analytics, internet marketing. Everything you need to “Do it Yourself” at your own pace! And that is the correct way to save $1,000s and maintain your business in real time. Whenever changes are needed, instead of waiting for a third party webmaster to fix or make the changes that you need to be done now. Don’t wait days or weeks, you should DIY in minutes!

This is a video guide on each topic that a professional webmaster needs to run online business courses!

You can set up a content management system “CMS” with WordPress to customize any niche biz (or recreational or family) website you can dream of with over 173 videos on everything you will need to know! And many more need to know supporting applications to make your business function. The DIY membership that saves $1,000s and opens up your endeavors with the knowledge that makes the Internet pay you!

work from home job internet marketing online educationHi, my name is Rod,

I first conceived of this “online business courses” startup membership 20 years ago in 1998. Meanwhile, I have created several successful websites over the years while learning internet marketing. Furthermore, they have brought in enough income to pay for my home in cash and travel overseas. I even lived in the Philippines temporarily, then traveled the USA while still working my online businesses. You too can live and travel when you know what these courses teach!

Before this, I hated so-called “real” 9-5 jobs and was not happy with any of them. Now since 1998 I have in a sense considered myself retired, at least from the miserable 9-5 routine. Subsequently, I now think of what I do is more like a hobby and a fun pastime. Every day I am excited to wake up and start a new day doing what I really love.

While my online education has taken 20 years to this point

I have learned years ago that my hands were tied due to the cost of paying some company to put my business idea up and running on a workable Internet website. And so my only alternative was to learn what I needed to know and to do everything myself.

What I know now is that it does not take that much time to learn. But just making a website is not all that is needed to make it functional. You need to process credit cards to get paid for your products or services. How to signup and use “Amazon s3” to stream your videos, because you will lose your hosting account if you stream them from there. You need to know how to use FTP to transfer large files. How to market your website and use analytics to see where your traffic is coming from to keep your advertising cost down. So putting it all together is what makes up this online business courses membership.

It is understandable to be reluctant to create an online venture due to the cost of hiring an Internet service company to do it for you. For example, when you are in business and want to hire another business to take care of your business it will cost a lot of cash up front. Then it takes time to get things going and more cash to promote your online existence, time and lots of cash.

Now that brings me to why I created this online business courses membership.

I see a need for both individuals and existing businesses that have no idea where to start when it comes to website design, Internet marketing or fulfilling a dream of creating an online business. This online business courses membership has been put together from choices of what you will really need to create your online marketing CMS WordPress websites and learning the supporting applications.

For the individual

You will have the resource to become independent and start your online education to create your online business and how to use Internet marketing technics to promote your ventures.

NOTE: Many people love their jobs and have no intention of leaving them. But are you making enough money to do all that you want to do? For instance, are you able to support the people and causes you love? Buy the house or car you want? Travel on the vacations you dream of and deserve? This is the perfect opportunity for you also. What else can be personally managed to conform to any hours you choose to work part-time. This online business courses membership can be a part-time hobby with unlimited extra income that requires very little effort once it is up and running smoothly.

For the business owner

This is your opportunity to avoid the high cost of paying someone to create your website. You could assign an employee to learn from this online education within hours and get your business up and running and/or managed in-house. For instance, the ability for your customers to use online customer support. Instant promotions updates, customer email sign-ups for e-marketing, social media interaction and whatever your business needs are can be emailed directly to your in-house company webmaster to make the updates and promotions you want.

Specifically, members will be shown everything that you need to do from: What hosting will serve you the best and what hosting companies to avoid and why. How to start your business website/blog small and maintain it until it grows too big for cheap shared hosting (100,000+ visitors per month). You’ll be making big money when that happens. How to keep your hosting expenses low by using Amazon s3 that inexpensively host large bandwidth hungry files like streaming videos and downloads even images.

Suggested WordPress Hosting. Stable Host is what we use or another excellent WordPress hosting company is SiteGround

Let us go over this online education content quickly

Afterward look at everything as we have included many sample videos so you can get a feel for this precise learning experience.

Currently, there are 257 training videos, in 6 individual courses, 173 in 12 modules/categories for WordPress alone.

Precise and to the point 2 to 12-minute videos that go over a specific learning point. After you watch one on the subject you choose you will have an understanding of it. Subsequently, you will have access to review any video as many times in the future as needed. Great database for reviewing the tutorial you need most to permanently learn that subject.

Online Business Courses Membership includes: see all video titles in each module by using the above menu.

WordPress Course – 173 videos in 12 modules

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Course – 14 videos 1 module

cPanel Course – 22 videos 1 module

Amazon s3 Course – 23 videos 1 module

Google Analytics Course – 5 videos 1 module

Email Marketing Course – 20 videos 5 sections/modules

Additional content includes all the image cover that you see on the right sidebar and the bottom footer. Click on them to see a description of each guide.

Updates will occasionally occur with the other courses as they will not change as often as WordPress does.

An affordable low subscription one-time price of $49.95 with the low recurring $10 per month maintenance fee.

I have personally paid up to $1,200 for online courses that do not have the content this online business courses membership training has. Plus other monthly online memberships repeat the initial signup fee each month. Ours is greatly reduced to a $10 maintenance fee. I just want to see as many as possible take advantage of this resource and make their dreams come true!

You have the ability to cancel at anytime

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